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Landscaping: An Art and a Science

People often ask if certain disciplines and industries are an art or a science. And often, the answer is "both." This is definitely true of landscaping. There is a real art to choosing plants and other elements that coordinate with one another and create the look that a homeowner hopes to create. There is also a science to choosing plants that are suited to the area's climate and to the unique soil conditions in a homeowner's yard. We enjoy both the art and the science aspects of landscaping, and we wish to share both aspects on this blog, which is curated for readers like you.

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Tips To Select And Install Appropriate And Attractive Outdoor Lighting

Lighting inside your home and outside around your property can make a big difference in the appearance and safety of your household and visitors. When you need to add lighting outside in your yard where there is none, a professional lighting service can help you select the right lighting and install it properly. Here are some tips and recommendations for updating your outdoor areas with the right exterior lighting.

Install the Right Lights

As the first step in your outdoor lighting plan, you will want to look through the different types of lights and choose the right ones that you will install on your property. Different types and styles of lights will illuminate areas in different ways and with different lighting patterns. For example, do you want to illuminate the side of your home or an area of flowering plants along the length of your garden pathway? 

If you want to illuminate the canopy of some of your yard's mature trees, you don't want to use a bollard light or garden light that shines downward. Instead, you should look to install uprights from the base of the tree so the trunk is illuminated up into the tree's branches. You can illuminate the exterior of your home for additional security by installing spotlights that shine either from the overhang of your roof or from the ground at the foundation. You may also want to use pathway garden lighting to illuminate the walkway to your front door or along the sides of your driveway. Then, for your patio or deck steps, have step lights installed into each vertical face or rise of the step to easily illuminate the walkway area.

Look For the Right Lighting System

Just as there are many different types of lights and illumination patterns and needs, there are a similar number of lighting systems you can choose from. The type of lighting you choose depends on if you will be installing it and how experienced you are with installing lighting systems. Some lighting systems, such as solar units, don't require electrical wires and instead run underground. 

A solar-powered lighting system is a great one to provide low lighting along pathways and to illuminate small sections between shrubbery or trees. Keep in mind that solar power lighting is easy to install and you only insert the lighting units where you want them positioned, but you need to make sure they are in an area that will receive direct sunlight to recharge the solar panels. Check out the solar set's instructions to find out how many hours of sunlight the lights need to illuminate.

For more information about outdoor lighting installation, contact a local professional.